Hello 2014!

A new year with new resolutions! But I’ll be honest, new years resolutions never really did it for me. I kinda set mini-goals throughout the year so I usually don’t need to make drastic changes on January 1st. But, to keep in the spirit of things, I’ll tie in what I’ve been doing since December and call them my resolutions.

My main effort has been to keep fresh with my programming/web development and applying it in various ways. I’ve started the year off pretty strong and have a few different things going on:

Yea, probably over enthusiastic, so let’s see what I actually get done.

And no resolution is complete without the obligatory get jacked by 2015. I have a workout plan laid out but need to get some consistency in my life (aka get a job) before I start lifting hardcore. But once I start, I hope to get in a relatively clean bulk and pack on a few lbs in the first cycle. And of course break PRs daily in the gym!

As soon as I move to a city, I want to get as involved in social events (meetups, couchsurfing, volunteering) as I can. Again, that’s tough here without a car…

Finally, my most important goal is to take this to heart (via Kotaku and by Bill Watterson, creator of C&H):
Life lesson comic


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