Charitable Giving Trends: Part 2

So far part 2 of this post (Charitable Giving Trends: Part 1), I’ll focus on the tools I used to create these charts. I’ll assume a working knowledge of HTML and CSS, and ignore those parts to get to the fun part of the code. I taught myself JavaScript over the last week or two, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there is ample room for improvement in the code. But I’ll explain everything as a newbie which hopefully will make it easier to follow (and less technical). I used various web resources, and will try to remember the ones I used to help out below.

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How to Make a Fancy Map Visual

A week or two ago, Nikhil Kumar showed me this awesome real-time cartogram of twitter feeds. Since it was something I had no idea how to do, I thought it was a good time to learn. I decided to play around with geographical data visualizations and see what kind of graphics could be easily produced. Continue reading