Security Fundamental Comparison

During the last few weeks at my previous job, I was working on a little project which was originally produced in Excel; so naturally I had to make it… better. I decided it was time to put what I’d been teaching myself to the test and built up this tool using Python (SQLAlchemy, Flask), JavaScript (JQuery, D3), and MySQL.

Using a predetermined universe of companies, the app allows you to compare company fundamental data based on certain accounting figures. Eventually, this is summarized into one number for each of the 5 categories (listed below) as well as an overall figure. A higher number is better, except for those values below with an *. Each category consists of multiple figures:
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Coursera Scraper

A programmer will always aim to take out human repetition. Usually, this means a small investment in time leads to a much larger windfall later when the magic happens with the click of a button (or more likely a command sent to the shell). Sometimes, however, the opposite happens.
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How to Make a Fancy Map Visual

A week or two ago, Nikhil Kumar showed me this awesome real-time cartogram of twitter feeds. Since it was something I had no idea how to do, I thought it was a good time to learn. I decided to play around with geographical data visualizations and see what kind of graphics could be easily produced. Continue reading